Kilkee Byrnes Cove painting


Escape to the Clare coast with “Kilkee Byrne’s Cove,” a vibrant seascape capturing the artist’s longing for the ocean during lockdown.

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Yearning for the Sea: “Kilkee – Byrne’s Cove”

Original Acrylic Painting, 40 x 40cm

This captivating seascape, “Kilkee – Byrne’s Cove,” captures the essence of the Clare coastline and the yearning for its tranquility during a time of restriction. Created during the 2020 lockdown, the painting reflects my deep desire to be by the water’s edge.

The vibrant colours and dynamic brushstrokes evoke the invigorating energy of the ocean, the spray on your face, and the precarious footing on wet rocks – sensations that were longed for but temporarily out of reach.

“Byrne’s Cove” is a testament to the power of art to provide solace and a sense of escape, even in challenging times.

Own this piece and bring the beauty of the Clare coast into your home.

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