George’s Quay at night painting


Capture the magic of Limerick’s nightlife with this original acrylic painting “George’s Quay at Night”.

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Capture the Enchantment of Limerick’s Nightlife: “George’s Quay at Night”

Original Acrylic Painting (70 x 35cm)

Immerse yourself in the magic of Limerick’s waterfront with this stunning original acrylic painting, “George’s Quay at Night.” This painting captures the city’s vibrant energy after dark, with the warm glow of lights reflecting on the still waters of the River Shannon.

This captivating piece is a perfect way to:

  • Add a touch of Limerick charm to your home
  • Relive cherished memories of Limerick’s nightlife
  • Spark conversation and admiration among guests

Giclee Prints Available

Bring the enchantment of George’s Quay at night into your space with high-quality giclee prints available in various sizes to suit your needs.

Own a piece of Limerick’s magic today!

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