A King’s Gaze painting


This painting captures the awe-inspiring presence of the Dónal Mór O’Brien sculpture gazing upon the majestic St. Mary’s Cathedral in Limerick.

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A King’s Gaze

Acrylic, 41 x 61 cm, framed in a handmade wooden frame.

This painting depicts the beautiful wooden sculpture by @will_fogarty_fear_na_coillte of Dónal Mór O’Brien. I painted the sculpture with lots of texture to hopefully represent the intricate details on the sculpture itself.
Dónal Mór is gazing contemplatively at St.Marys Cathedral – his old stomping ground.

St.Mary’s Cathedral is lit up in the evening dusk. The sculpture seems to be in awe of the cathedral, gazing at it with a sense of reverence and respect. With this painting I tried to capture the stillness of of dusk, and the sense of wonder and awe that comes from witnessing the beauty and magnitude of both the statue and the cathedral.

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