My story: I am living in Limerick since moving back to start our family in 2012. I paint in acrylics. I often take photographs and work from them to create my paintings. I love details, but only enough to make the scene work. Sometimes all a piece needs is one last detail to pull it altogether – that could be how the light and shadows work, or adding more colours to an object.

I have always had an interest in art. From a very young age I would spend my days drawing. I am a self taught artist, after working many years in the Technology sector as a User Experience Designer and then Lecturer. After deciding to try my first Art  Fair I decided to give up my day job and devote my time to painting. I love painting, and feel that it allows me to completely relax and get in the zone. I am exploring different styles and types of painting.

I have original paintings, as well as archival quality prints for sale. If any painting takes your fancy please do get in touch. I also do commissions, but limit the number of these per year. If you like my work, feel free to follow me on Instagram / Facebook my handle is – nicilegearart. 

Photo of Nici working in her studio